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For 30 years we have been supplying customers with accurate and reliable MEMS piezoresistive pressure sensors. We design and manufacture MEMS silicon dies that measure pressure from 0 to 15,000 psi in sensing environments from -40 to 150 °C.
Our pressure-sensor dies are available in absolute, gauge, vacuum, and diferential configurations. We also design and manufacture various pressure-sensor packages for integration into the applications of our customers.
Някои бившиamples of our packaged sensors are the fully compensated TR Series, ideal for mass production in the automotive industry; the passively compensated BP Series, ideal for the room-temperature environment of medical devices; and the uncompensated RS Series, ideal for soldering and later calibrating on a control board.

Via Magenta, 77 / 16A
20017 Rho (MI) - Италия
Телефон +39 02 3340 0846
ДДС: IT04126380155

Via Magenta, 77 / 16A
Ро 20017, Италия

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+39 02 3340 0846

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